The composition makes it much safer on your joints as it absorbs your punches, giving you the ability to hit harder and train longer. This punching bag was designed to take anything you throw at it. Are you up for the challenge?

The Aqua Punching Bag is safe for all levels; beginners and pros. It is a stellar option for both fighters in training and those who are looking to add to their fitness arsenal.  Boxing is a primo option for full body sweat sessions! Not to mention how fun and de-stressing it can be. The Aqua Punching Bag is a better option for both of these areas as they provide a much more comfortable hit than a traditional heavy bag, without taking anything away from your workout. In fact, it adds to it. It adds positive resistance while it absorbs your hits and kicks. You can hit stronger and longer. Make no mistake though, you will still needs boxing gloves! Bare knuckles are definitely not recommended.

Training with a traditional heavy bag regularly can cause some serious damage to the hands, wrists, elbows, back and neck due to the repeated impact and subsequent compression that is put on the body due to the bag’s poor shock absorption. The flexible water filled center absorbs your exerted kinetic energy, resulting in less pain, fewer injuries, increased endurance, and more efficient training.

Designed to mimic the feel of a human body, the Aqua Training Bag’s buoyancy takes cue from the human form, which is composed of 60% water itself, resulting in a more realistic feel during training. High profile coaches, gyms, and novice and professional fighters now use the Aqua Training Bag® to build endurance, coordination, and body strength, resulting in tournament wins, championship victories, and overall to get into their peak physical shape. You’ll be amazed when you feel the difference after throwing that first punch on your water-filled bag and wonder why you were ever using a hard, outdated, traditional bag in the first place.